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Real Madrid vs Barcelona [11.30.2010]

December 2, 2010

If you were able to watch other Real Madrid La Liga games, you would have been scratching your head and wondering who those boys that were playing against Barcelona were.

Yes, you read that right. Real Madrid didn’t play like they usually do against Barcelona. The game was painful to watch, honestly. Our players were not their usual selves, and none of them were able to play to the best of their abilities. Our midfield – which usually is flawless – was in shambles. Our defenders couldn’t handle Barcelona’s midfielders at all. And because our midfield was in disarray, our forwards barely had any chance at goals. As a matter of fact, it was easy to forget that we even had other players besides Ronaldo during the first half. He was the only one playing like himself, but yes, I do admit that even he wasn’t playing at his usual caliber. Our midfield was practically invisible. Our defenders seemed like they never played football before. It was only a matter of time before Barcelona’s midfielders and forwards reached Iker, and by then, it was too late to stop the imminent goals.

The frustration clearly got to our players. We were all witness to Cristiano pushing Pep Guardiola, at which Barcelona players quickly came to their coach’s defense, and thus creating a minor scuffle. Yes, Cristiano was clearly in the wrong – he shouldn’t have let his frustrations get the better of him. I would like to point out though that Pep himself made a mistake – he should have simply handed the ball to Cristiano. When he tossed the ball to the pitch – and away from Cristiano – it seemed like he was disrespecting Cristiano. Hence, Cristiano retaliated. But of course, it would have been better if Cristiano simply walked away.

Some people pointed out that Pep merely assumed that Barcelona now had possession, and that he was simply handing the ball to one of his players. But tell me this, if you were Cristiano – you believed that you still had possession – and you went to get the ball, only to have the coach of the opposing team throw it away from you, how would you react? Wouldn’t you have reacted in the same way that he did?

Sergio Ramos was evidently frustrated. He wasn’t able to defend properly all throughout the match, thus inadvertently letting in five goals. Again, I recognize that what he did to Messi – and later on to Xavi and Puyol – was wrong, but remember, things like this happen in sports. People were all hellbent on the fact that the people Sergio pushed were his National Teammates, but please remember, this is CLUB FOOTBALL. Sergio chose to play for Real Madrid. Sergio chose to wear that chest proudly on his shirt. He chose to play for Real Madrid, while he was chosen to represent his country. These matters are entirely different. He must have felt horrible during the course of the game – he couldn’t prevent his team from being slaughtered decisively by their arch-rivals, and he clearly let his frustrations get to him. He shouldn’t have, but he did, and he clearly regretted that.

Barcelona clearly had us beaten. It just wasn’t our day. I admit that, and I respect Barcelona enough to congratulate them on their win.

Final Score: 5-0 to FC Barcelona

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