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His armband proved he was a Red.

January 29, 2011

Chaos was rampant last night.

Several articles popped out that Fernando Torres himself requested that Liverpool take a look at the bid Chelsea made on him, and fans were beside themselves with worry. I’m not going to lie – I was one of these fans. My heart was somewhere on my stomach, and I honestly felt like panic was clogging up my throat. Other fans were looking down upon these fans who worry and were saying stuff like, “Torres has stated a number of times how he loves us. He’s not going to leave us. Stop believing everything posted on the internet.” I tried to calm down, because let’s face it – these fans were telling the truth. As recently as January 9, Torres released a statement that he was with Liverpool through thick and thin. However, as much as these fans made sense, I wish that they understood how the other fans felt. Why is it not ok to worry? Why is it wrong to panic?

I panicked because last night’s transfer rumor hit too close to home, and not because I don’t have enough trust in Torres. The reason is as simple as that. I’ve been watching him play, and disregarding these past games with King Kenny in charge, he simply isn’t happy. He’s not playing like he wants to – rather, he plays because he knows he has to. I know that one of the reasons as to why Torres went to Liverpool was because he wanted to win trophies, and – let’s face it – he hasn’t won any yet. But as the night went on and no official statement has been made by Liverpool or Torres, I began to breathe better. I guess the fans were right. Just another rumor.


I woke up to an OFFICIAL statement from Liverpool – Torres DID submit a transfer a request, though it was turned down. The fact that Torres wanted to leave broke my heart. I love him, and I will always wish the best for him in everything that he does, but I feel hurt. Why now? Now that we’re on our way up? Also, I realized that despite of the fact that we may keep him for the rest of the season, his transfer is seemingly inevitable once summer comes.

I really don’t want Torres to go. Honestly, I want him to stay. I want him to rediscover the passion and love that he has for our club. I won’t deny, however, that I’m starting to accept the fact that he will leave – maybe not today, but he will, and there’s nothing I can do about that.

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