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Bits and Snippets

February 1, 2011

He’s not a red anymore. It’s been a day already and I still can’t grasp the situation. So yeah, here are bits and snippets of how I feel. Most of these were taken from Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook.

“I would never stop loving Liverpool. Same goes, I still love Torres no matter what. It’s just the circumstances.”

“Torres is actually gone. He actually left us. He’s really gone. Ohmygod I just can’t.”

I can’t deny how happy he looks in all his new photos. I can’t be the big person, not yet. I can’t act like I’m happy for you, not yet. This is still too much. It still hurts.

“I will always love him and I will always be a fan, but I will never deny that the way he left Liverpool was wrong.”

“Forever a Nando fan wherever he plays. Forever a Red no matter who’s wearing the crest.”

“I read somewhere that Torres won’t play on Sunday, because either result can damage him psychologically.
I love Torres and I ALWAYS will, but I can’t deny that I’m disappointed with the way that he left. It would have been different if he announced his desire to transfer on January 1 – but no, he didn’t. As a matter of fact, he encouraged Liverpool fans to keep supporting the team as latest as January 9. But lo and behold, just 20 days later, he decides to move. For me, this is what makes the whole thing wrong. I always knew that he would be leaving, but the manner in which he did so is just unacceptable.
It would be weird seeing Torres in blue. But yeah, he looks REALLY happy – happier than I’ve ever seen him this season. I hope that he does get that CL trophy – or maybe even the PL title – with Chelsea this season (since Liverpool’s out of the running). He will always be one of my favorites, and that will never change. I guess it’s just that I’m still really sad right now.”

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