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Yes, I’m still alive.

April 12, 2011

Now that I’m finally on vacation after what appears to be the most tiring term in college yet, look forward to a number of opinion-oriented posts over the next few days. Just so I won’t forget them, I’ll even list down the posts’ working titles below.

  • The Fernando Torres dilemma – love him or hate him
  • Karim Benzema shuts his crtics up (God, I’ve had this in my mind for the longest time
  • Michael Owen – is he past his prime? (I don’t know why but I’ve really become fond of him over the past few weeks)
  • Real Madrid vs Tottenham (CL Quarterfinals Leg1)
  • Prelude to El Clasico Leg 2
  • El Clasico Mayhem (Copa Del Rey Finals and CL Semi-finals)
  • World Cup 2014 Qualifiers – Azkals
  • Azkals – too much fame?
  • Liverpool vs Manchester City Leg 2 (I’ll probably be doing this one first, being that this game happened only last night)
  • Liverpool FC- No way to go but up
  • Why does Cristiano Ronaldo keep getting hate? (But yeah, really, I don’t get it)
  • LeBron and Liverpool FC
  • Kaka scores twice, but is Kaka finally back for good?

Wow. I didn’t realize that I wanted to write on so many topics. I promise to finish writing all of these articles before the summer season comes to a close!

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