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But What’s Wrong?

December 5, 2011

It’s now 11:57 pm, and in approximately four hours, Liverpool will be playing Fulham at Craven Cottage. As much as I would love to watch the match, I really need to get up early tomorrow for school, and staying up until 6:00 am is not an option. So now, here I am, attempting to organize my thoughts before I sleep, because I tend to get extremely anxious and nervous during game day.

If you compare how we are playing this season to how were doing last season, to say we are doing better by leaps and bounds is an understatement. The boys have been tremendous out on the field, and it’s such a joy to watch them. Lucas Leiva has stepped up incredibly this season, and seeing him weaving through defenders and setting up goals is always a pleasure. We’re currently 7th in the standings, with only 3 points separating us from 5th and 6th place, and we actually have a game at hand (vs Fulham). It should be noted however that we need to win against Fulham by at least three goals to move to 5th, and that’s where the problem starts.

Lately, Liverpool has been drawing games because of not scoring enough goals. A LOT. In perspective, Liverpool has played 13 games, and had won 6, lost 2, and drawn 5 respectively. The thing is, the draws aren’t exactly products of bad plays, wayward strategies, and the like. Goal attempts and chances have actually been abundant for the Reds, strangely enough – they just haven’t been successful in converting most of these chances to goals. The game against Manchester City (which we drew 1-1) is a prime example. The second half was full of almost!goals, but again, none of them were actually goals.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I simply don’t understand what Liverpool is doing wrong. The boys are all on form, yet somehow, it’s as if luck is seldom on our side. We should have won against Manchester City, but somehow, their keeper Joe Hart could do no wrong that same match. It’s just rather infuriating knowing that we deserve to win, and yet somehow… we don’t.

We need this win against Fulham – a WIN, not a draw – badly. We really do. We need to get back on track as soon as possible. Not playing is Europe next season is simply not an option.

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