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It’s That Time of the Year Once Again

December 10, 2011

…No, I’m not talking about Christmas.

La Liga fans, Real Madrid fans, Barcelona fans – El Clasico is finally upon us. In 5 hours and 45 minutes, football’s biggest rivalry will be invading our television screens once again. If you were to ask me what I’m feeling right now, I really wouldn’t be able to answer properly. Feelings of excitement, anxiety and trepidation currently envelop me, so suffice to say, I’m a mess.

Real Madrid is currently 6 points ahead of Barcelona in the standings of La Liga, but as I’m (and everyone else for that matter) fond of saying, anything can happen in football. Standings and such don’t matter while a match is ongoing. Though I’m feeling a tad bit more confident of Real Madrid’s chances of winning at the Bernabeu right now as opposed to last year’s, and there’s the undeniable fact that we’ve had a fantastic display so far at the Champion’s League, there’s still this feeling of… wariness that I can’t shake off. Barcelona is a team that can never be underestimated, and I fervently hope that every Real Madrid player and coach does not forget this fact.

But really, aside from a Real Madrid win, there’s one more thing that I hope I will get to see during the match – a good game of football. I’m sick and tired of what El Clasico has come to represent these past few games – Oscar-worthy performances, diving, scuffles left and right, and blatant unsportsmanship. I don’t like seeing the game I love take a backseat to the theatrics that occur, and I sincerely hope that football fans get to witness a true classic of a game this time around.

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