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El Clasico – An Epilogue

December 12, 2011

I refrained from posting about El Clasico mere hours after the match because I wanted to organize my thoughts first, and attempting to write a coherent blog post with my throat all choked up with bitterness isn’t exactly the nicest thing in the world. I won’t lie – I was disappointed with how Real Madrid played. The form they showcased this time around was incredibly reminiscent of last season’s 5-0 trashing. While watching this team play, it would be hard to believe that they actually had a 15 game streak prior to this particular match. The boys just seemed… lost (there’s no other word for it, really) for majority of the match. Yes, Di Maria, along with Coentrao, and surprisingly Lass, were brilliant, but only having a few players of a single team at the top of their game is never enough. Wait, before everyone gets on my case for being overly critical or something, I would also like to point out that we did play good during the first 20-30 minutes (containing Barcelona is no easy task, after all), but after that, everything just unraveled and fell apart. Cristiano was a shadow of his true self – I actually couldn’t help but cringe while watching him. He ended up missing chances that he would have capitalized on otherwise. Believe me, there’s nothing more disconcerting than watching Cristiano Ronaldo be less than spectacular.

But hey, before I forget, at least nothing worth grabbing the attention of the media (for all sorts of wrong reasons) happened. No eye-poking, no shoving of national teammates, no eye poking, no throat-grabbing or the like occurred, so three cheers for that! We finally have an El Clasico that’s actually a classic.

Anyway, I can’t help but feel that this thing Real Madrid has with Barcelona is more psychological than anything. We are more than capable of beating them, that’s for sure. But somehow, we just can’t. That’s really something Mourinho should address, because we won’t be beating Barcelona anytime soon if we don’t believe that we can actually beat them. I sincerely hope for a better showing next leg.

Before I end this blog post, let’s take a look at Kaka either losing his cool, or misjudging his aim – you decide. I won’t deny, however, that I erupted into peals of laughter after seeing this. This, after all, is so… un-Kaka!

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  1. The Jon Farrell permalink
    December 12, 2011 6:22 pm

    As a Manchester United fan I understand your frustration, I think on United’s day we are capable of beating Barca, we just don’t. And when the prize is the Champions League Trophy there are few things more frustrating. Still, it’s not a frustration I will be feeling this season, as United have managed to be knocked out in the group stage :S. Nice post.

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